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 New Location Realty will help with your complicated buying process.

       Alabama is a "buyer beware" state, This means seller doesn't have to tell you things you really need to know.

              Agents are paid by seller, and is included  in purchase price, but seller keeps it if you don't use it.

First things first

          Quick rule of thumb for financing:

            30 year mortgage needs about $5 per month payment per $1,000 financed

              This means about $500 per month payment on $100,000 loan

                Payment to loan is about one week's income for monthly payment

                  $500 per month payment requires about $500 per week in income

Before starting your search, talk with a mortgage expert to determine how much you can finance.

    Many factors go into getting a loan. Mortgages are way more complicated than you may realize.

       Some sellers require a pre-approval letter be submitted with offer

           These companies have worked with us in past and help overcome issues.

Mortgage Linc

AmeriCapital Funding  

As your agent, we work FOR you to get best price and terms.

   We know how system works from helping with hundreds of transactions, and want to help you.

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  85% of buyers want help with negotiating.

       Our real estate school teaches other agents how to negotiate. 

                   Negotiating Class

       Most real estate agents have never taken a negotiating class. We teach it.

            Would you rather have someone who knows how to negotiate on your team?


New Location Realty can help in many ways, One way is to set up automatic emails from the Birmingham Multiple Listing Service letting you know of homes when they come on market that match what you are looking for and you know the day they are available
For Free

Alabama is the last buyer beware state


Seller does not have to tell buyer anything unless they know it is a health or safety issue or if asked a direct, specific question

This means you need to ask the right questions before you buy!