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Please help us serve you better with this Maintenance Request so we will have all information needed

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PROPERTY EMERGENCY, please complete  

Maintenance Request Form (on left of this page)

First: Protect yourself and property from further harm. 

Then call or text (205) 532-4733 or (205) 957-9139 to indicate you are filing an emergency request. More we know about problem, faster it will be fixed.

We will need instructions for access, info on pets, ...

An emergency is subjective, but if faucet has exploded and water is everywhere, this is an emergency.

Broken Pipe: Turn off the water valve to the broken pipe or at exterior water main box at street, until maintenance arrives. 

You are responsible to stop further damage.

Don't let water to continue to flood.

We get maintenance calls for stopped up toilets. It was working, but now it is clogged. Use a plunger before you call. A plumber's bill will likely make you wish you had gone to plumber school. Watch this video first.

               Video on how to unstop toilet

  Hair Clogs Happen, use drain cleaner overnight before calling

If drain still clogged after trying drain cleaner, try this next video

                  Video on unclogging sink

     Video on how to turn off Water Supply

Gas Odor: Natural gas has unmistakable odor of rotten eggs.

If you suspect leaking gas, turn off gas appliance and turn off gas supply.

You may be able to find a shut-off handle on the supply line or turn off outside at outside gas meter. Meters will be next to house. (Usually Grey)

          If unable to turn off gas, get out and call 911 immediately 

   Video on how to turn off gas valve

Heater Repair: An emergency ONLY if temperature is falling below 50.

Check all fuses or circuit breakers before calling for service.

If gas, be sure you have account with gas company set up. 

Sometimes tenants move in during summer and forget about gas service.

No Electricity: This may be considered an emergency ONLY if there is no electricity throughout the house AND

1) You have called the power company to determine any outage;

2) Check all circuit breakers by flipping  to OFF position and then to ON position. You will notice if one is in an off position, it is flipped wrong way.

          A common problem is space heater causing breakers to trip

It may help to put space heater in next room, which will be different breaker

  Video on Power Box circuit breaker reset

     Contact usDon't call Frye Electric in Ohio, this is just their instruction video

GFI breakers are little buttons sometimes found on outlets in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms where water may be. 

If an outlet begins to smoke or smell like it is burning, unplug items from outlet and turn off the circuit breaker or remove the fuse. Space heaters may cause circuit breakers to trip.

The above issues are basic calls which MAY constitute an emergency.

If you have a situation other than these, which seems immediately hazardous or damaging, fill out Maintenance Request Form,

call or text office at (205) 807-8864 or 205-915-2629 to report issue.


Broken Doorknob, Lock, or Window:



We are NOT responsible for Residents who are locked out of house.

It is the Resident's responsibility to contact a locksmith to gain entry. LOCKS MAY NOT BE CHANGED $100 fee if tenant changes locks

Locks are changed between tenants. Only tenant and NLR have key.

Missed Appointments, Neglect and Unnecessary Service Calls:

Tenant is responsible for payment of any invoice for which a repair was made for damage, etc., caused by their misuse or neglect.

Tenant is responsible for the payment of any service call charged by a contractor for:

1) missed appointment

2) for not providing access to the unit when scheduled.

3) having to move tenant's possessions out of way for repair

      Jody Patterson
Maintenance Manager