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Sellers need agents if for no other reason than not getting shot or robbed by someone they let in their home.

     Agents are shot and robbed often in Birmingham. Google it

        Yes, I have been robbed, and shot at, they missed, but did get my GPS with my home address.

            Do you want this risk?  How about wasting your time with unqualified "buyers"

               What is your life worth, the commission you think you are going to save?  Really?

About 5% of homes are sold by an owner to someone they don't know, and usually for less money. Google it 

      Price is not determined by what you need or want.  

         We know how to price correctly to minimize time on market and maximize sale price.

Do you know what must be disclosed to avoid thousands of dollars in fines from different government agencies.

     Got any idea what this will cost you, just because you don't know rules?

         Fair Housing has fake buyers out everyday looking for violations.

How do you get your home on sites besides Zillow?

     Which forms do you use to make contract legal?

         What about inspections a buyer wants? How do you respond.

             Here is a hint. Inspections are used to renegotiate

Do you think you can negotiate?  Are you just going to say "take it or leave it"

     Most sellers don't think they need an agent to help negotiate. Really?

        Most agents never take a negotiating class.

          We teach other agents how to negotiate

                Link to Negotiating classes

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Steve, Please help me sell my house for more money without risking my life.